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 Mystic Light Bearer

Hi there!  My name is Kristin Swint, and I'm so thrilled to be sharing my long time passion and practice in metaphysics and folk healing spiritual practice with you. My goal is to help you grow and thrive on your journey of healing, peace, wellness, and connection with yourself and the divine.

My services include psychic readings, folk healing coaching/consultations and of course a myriad of tinctures, oils and supercharged candles that will help you to focus your mind on your goals and in turn helping you to achieve it and create balance and abundance. 



  • Readings - $30 - $90 based on time

  • Energy Clearing Sessions For Balancing and Grounding $90

  • Herbs, Oils and kits, $9 - $28 available in person or here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MysticLightBearer?ref=profile_header

  • Metaphysical Coaching Sessions - one on one hour-long sessions that cover a basic understanding of earth-based spirituality such as the ancient practices of paganism and how to create your own path of groundedness and wholeness in these spiritual paths as a way of life. - $25/session with a minimum of 8 sessions. Ongoing sessions upon request

  • On Site Home Energy Clearing and Harmonizing Services

  • Personal intention spell working and classes


Call/text to set up an appointment at 972-800-0152


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30 Minute In-Person or Phone Psychic Intuitive Reading
404 N. Church St. Mckinney, Tx

 I started reading cards many years ago, honing my gifts as a psychic intuitive.  I was born with this gift of intuition and psychic ability (as we all are) and found that my passion as a card reader could help people to find clarity in many areas of their life. 


 In your session with me, we will first talk about any concerns in your life that you are having while you begin to feel grounded centered and cared for.  We will then pull cards to get a better look into the situation.  We try to see how you can move to a better understanding-- what to do, where to go, and what's ahead. 


 We can discuss anything from goal setting to finances, love, relationships, work, school etc.  My joy and hope is that you leave feeling more at ease and empowered in your life and better able to make decisions that are so important to you.

 One on One In-Person or Online Metaphysical and Earth-Based Spiritual Coaching/Mentoring
404 N. Church St. Mckinney, Tx
8 weekly sessions
More Sessions Available Upon Request
$240.00/ $30.00ea session

 It is my absolute joy to help you along your spiritual path and watch your grow as a spiritual practitioner!  During these eight weekly sessions, you will meet with me either online or in person here in McKinney, TX. 


 We will co-create hand in hand, and you will be taught everything you will need to either create your new spiritual path or enhance and grow your existing one. 


 During your process of deep learning and growth you will be given short homework assignments to help further your learning and to practice the magic you have created. 

Things you will learn with me each week

  • Moon and Seasonal Cycles

  • Herbs and Crystal and How To Use Them

  • Altar and Sacred Space Creation and Blessing

  • Meditation Techniques.

  • Candle Magic and Other Spell/ Prayer Workings

  • Home Protection and Clearing Techniques

  • Personal Protection Techniques using Herbal and Crystal Lore

  • Working With Source God/Goddess, Angels, Deities, and Ancestors.

  • Finding Your Method Of Divination and Familiarizing Yourself With It to Begin Your Own Journey With It.


In Home Blessing and Clearing To Bring Peace and Wellness Into Your Sacred Space
-Appointments Available Wednesday Friday 10:30-5:00pm
Hour session 1 

 Your home is your beloved sacred space.  A place where you feel at peace safe, and well and where you can recharge and ready yourself to take on the world each day.  Why not have it blessed and cleansed energetically to further enhance its energy and create an even more loving sacred environment of calm and harmony and further inviting more blessings into your life!!

I will personally come to your home and bless your your entire space for you using sacred herbs of Sage and Palo Santo and oils in addition to placing a protective crystal grid around your space that will be charged and activated with the intention for protection.

Private Earth-Based Metaphysical Coaching Classes
Appointments Available Wednesday-Friday
1 Hour session
240/30.00ea session$

In these sessions I will guide you step by step in helping you develop and grow your earth based and or metaphysical spiritual practice. Each session will include homework assignments to get you up and running right away in your practice. Session are tailored to your own unique path or can follow a written syllabus of lessons on earth based metaphysical and witchcraft practice.


Sessions include but are not limited to:

Altar set up, blessing and cleansing, methods of meditation and grounding your energy, Seasonal cycles of the wheel of the year, plus cycles of the moon, Crystal and herb magic, Spell creating Psychic protection, Home protection and warding,

Basic metaphysical concepts and personal experiences.

Sessions will be held in person in my office on the second floor of Jump Into Art Studio or online at a time and date that works for you. If coming locally please use the parking lot located behind the Art Studio.

Private Spell Crafting Class  
Available Wednesday-Friday

10:30-5:00 pm
2-Hour Sessions

Learn how to create your own spell to manifest your goals and intentions.

Come get your hands dirty with great smelling oils, herbs and crystals and create your own take home spell for manifesting your goals and shifting energy in your life to receive. Your will learn how to write a spell petition for your goals, how to select a candle color, herbs, crystals and oils to match your intention and how to put them all together to set up and activate the spell. Supplies and book provided.

60 Minute Psychic Session
+ Energy Balance

A 1-hour reading with energy work at the end to recharge you.

This is is an hour long psychic reading session with me where we will look into the issues present in your life to provide clarity and  give you a new sense of direction.  At the end of the hour you will receive an energy healing using reiki, crystals, oils etc. to remove any stuck energies for balance and wellbeing.  This can be related to the reading or separate depending on your needs.

Tarot 101 Private Instructions
8 weeks
Learn the tarot with me and begin to read for family and friends.
$240/ $30.00ea Session

Tarot is my absolute passion in addition to reading other methods of card reading. I am so excited to be offering you one on one classes to help you to become more comfortable with the tarot and to be able to read for family and friends. Lessons with be 8 weekly sessions for one hour each.


We will go over: History or tarot and it's uses Types of deck and how to choose the right one for you How to care for your deck Cards meanings, how to read the cards with traditional definitions and using intuition and psychic abilities. Finding your psychic abilities and ways to strengthen them Journaling practices for recording your readings How to set up a reading and end a reading using prayer and ritual How to use spreads in a reading One on one reading practice with me each class How to get through a difficult reading Dealing with the “scary” cards Fine-tuning your skills


Materials to bring to each class: A journal and a deck you are comfortable to read with. If you are not sure of the type of deck to use any of the Rider Waite decks are perfect for beginning learners.


Each week you will be given homework to help you develop your reading skills and become comfortable and proficient in using this amazing tool for self growth and clarity.


Full Class cost is $200.00 or you may pay $25.00 each class.

Personal Spell Working To Manifest Goals.

 Candle magic is one of the greatest joys of my spiritual path.  Lighting the flame with the intention of changing or reaching a goal for my clients is my pleasure and honor.  I Love to work with you every step of the way to see your goal manifest!


 It is like a mini psychic reading as the flame dances and the wax melts to show signs of how things are moving in your favor and what's to come for you in reaching your goal.


 When you meet with me to create your candle spell, we will discuss what it is you would like to shift and the best energetic route we should take to manifest your goal. I will then sit and create your blessing candle using your goal in rhythm with current moon phase and the day of the week in addition to inscribing the candle (of your chosen color to match your intention) with sacred symbols and further blessing it with oils, herbs and crystals and creating a written blessing and prayer mantra.  

 I light the candle each day for 7 days, praying over it for about 10 minutes per day asking and praying for your goal to manifest for you.  Every day, I read the candle wax, flame, and any other behavior in the candle and send you daily text updates of how your candle is burning and how I see your goal manifesting. 


A Seven Day Intention Spell Created by Me and Prayed Over for One Week With Daily Text Read Outs With Your Intention to Manifest Your Goal.

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404 N. Church St.

Mckinney, Tx 75069

Tel: 972-800-0152

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