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 Mystic Light Bearer

Hi there!  My name is Kristin Swint, and I'm so thrilled to be sharing my long time passion and work in metaphysics and witchcraft folk magic spirituality with you. My goal is to help you grow and thrive on your journey of healing, peace, wellness, and connection with yourself and the divine.

My services include psychic readings, witchcraft coaching/consultations and of course a myriad of tinctures, oils and super charged candles that will help you to focus your mind on your goals and in turn helping you to achieve it and create balance and abundance. 



  •  Readings - $30 - $90 based on time

  •  Energy Clearing Sessions For Balancing and Grounding $90

  • Herbs, Oils and kits, $9 - $28 available in person or here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MysticLightBearer?ref=profile_header

  • Coaching Sessions - one on one hour long sessions and cover a basic understanding of seasonal cycles and earth based spirituality - $25/session with a minimum of 8 sessions

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30 Minute In Person or Phone Tarot Reading
404 N Church St.

Personal One on One In Person or Online Metaphysical and Earth-Based Spiritual Coaching/Mentoring
404 N. Church St. Mckinney, Tx
8 weekly sessions

 I started reading cards many years ago, honing my gifts as a psychic intuitive.  I was born with this gift of intuition and psychic ability (as we all are) and found that my passion as a card reader could help people to find clarity in many areas of their life. 


 In your session with me, we will first talk about any concerns in your life that you are having while you begin to feel grounded centered and cared for.  We will then pull cards to get a better look into the situation.  We try to see how you can move to a better understanding-- what to do, where to go, and what's ahead. 


 We can discuss anything from goal setting to finances, love, relationships, work, school etc.  My joy and hope is that you leave feeling more at ease and empowered in your life and better able to make decisions that are so important to you.

 It is my absolute joy to help you along your spiritual path and watch your grow as a spiritual practitioner!  During these eight weekly sessions, you will meet with me either online or in person here in McKinney, TX. 


 We will co-create hand in hand, and you will be taught everything you will need to either create your new spiritual path or enhance and grow your existing one. 


 During your process of deep learning and growth you will be given short homework assignments to help further your learning and to practice the magic you have created. 

Things you will learn with me each week

  • Moon and Seasonal Cycles

  • Herbs and Crystal and How To Use Them

  • Altar and Sacred Space Creation and Blessing

  • Meditation Techniques.

  • Candle Magic and Other Spell/ Prayer Workings

  • Home Protection and Clearing Techniques

  • Personal Protection Techniques using Herbal and Crystal Lore

  • Working With Source God/Goddess, Angels, Deities, and Ancestors.

  • Finding Your Method Of Divination and Familiarizing Yourself With It to Begin Your Own Journey With It.

Bi-Monthly Candle Magic Workshops At The Groovy Coop
109 S Tennessee St.
Mckinney, Tx

2 hours each class
2 available time slots:
1-3pm and 3-5pm

 fire magic is my absolute favorite to work with.  It manifests goals quickly and easily and the ways you can prepare a candle for prayer and blessing are endless.  I would love to work with you one on one to show you how much fun this can be!  Getting your hands filled with great smelling oils and herbs, inscribing a colored candle with sacred symbols for your chosen goal or prayer and then learning to pray over it and perform what's called ceromancy by reading the wax and flame to gather information as to how your goals is manifesting into your life is just plain fun and magical! So come have fun with me! No prior experience is necessary and supplies are included.  Classes are offered in small groups one time bi-monthly at The Groovy Coop in downtown Mckinney, Tx.  Rsvp bellow for you slot! Pay at the Groovy Coop when you arrive for class.

Custom to Your Needs Spell Work Prayer Services To Manifest Goals And For Peace And Wellness.

 Candle magic is one of the greatest joys of my spiritual path.  Lighting the flame with the intention of changing or reaching a goal for my clients is my pleasure and honor.  I Love to work with you every step of the way to see your goal manifest!


 It is like a mini psychic reading as the flame dances and the wax melts to show signs of how things are moving in your favor and what's to come for you in reaching your goal.


 When you meet with me to create your candle spell, we can discuss what it is you would like to shift and the best energetic route we should take to manifest your goal. I will then sit and handcraft your blessing candle using your goal in rhythm with current moon phase and the day of the week in addition to inscribing the candle (of your chosen color to match your intention) with sacred symbols and further blessing it with oils, herbs and crystals and creating a written blessing and prayer mantra.  

 I light the candle each day for 7 days, praying over it for about 10 minutes per day asking and praying for your goal to manifest for you.  Every day, I read the candle wax, flame, and any other behavior in the candle and send you daily text updates of how your candle is burning and how I see your goal manifesting. 




404 N. Church St.

Mckinney, Tx 75069

Tel: 972-800-0152

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