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Psychic Reader


               Mystic Light Bearer

              Psychic Advisor and Spiritual Consultant

              Bringing You Love Light Joy and Truth


  • Psychic sessions virtual or in-person.

  • Tarot and Lenormand classes

  • Metaphysical workshops

  • Spiritual workings and integrative energy balancing sessions with reading consultations

  • Spiritual coaching and mentoring

Kristin psychic advisor
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About Kristin - Spiritual Advisor

  Hi my loves!  I am so thrilled and honored to be of service to you helping you to bloom into your true essence and authentic self.  I have created offerings here that I hope will help guide you along your spiritual and life journey and help you to become more of the divine and beautiful person you are and meant to be.  Bellow you will find both virtual and in-person sessions that are designed around the topics most asked by my clients and what their soul needs to know.  Many clients come not knowing what they need to ask in a reading, and I have those for you as well my love.  Those are listed under general psychic sessions. 

  Here is a little bit about me as well to help us get acquainted. Over 25 years ago I started the dive into spirituality and mysticism and have never looked back.  In that time I immersed myself in personal study and spent countess hours on the journey of discovering the mysteries of the universe and how we as humans can feel empowered and healed through metaphysical modalities and earth based spiritual practices. I began in the study of the tarot and quickly graduated to folk magic, mysticism, and earth centered energy work learning to hone my gifts and what I learned and finally feeling the passionate urge to give back to my community with readings and teaching.  

Virtual Psychic Readings

Detailed General Psychic Reading
Reading for multiple Questions
30 minutes

  On a budget? This is another Perfect alternative and a popular one if you need details but can't afford a longer session yet! Connect with me from your comfy place at home and we will delve deep into any life situation using the tarot and lenormand decks as guides to find detailed solutions that will help you move forward in peace and clarity! So lets do this love bug! 

 Come to your reading with a journal or a recording device to document details in the session and refer back to them at a later date as events unfold.

psychic reading

Love Psychic Reading
Gain truth and find real answers
20 Minutes

 Love makes the world go round!  It also can hurt but makes us stronger.  These 20 Minute virtual psychic sessions are designed to clarify any pressing love relationship and realign your direction.  We will look deeper into your relationship to decide what the best steps are to move you forward.  Kristin’s readings are in depth, detailed and very accurate to provide you with information you can take with you to empower you to motivation in moving forward with confidence.  We look forward to your next session! 

 In-Depth Detailed Psychic Reading Session
Important information received straight from source about your life that you most need to know
Unlimited Topics
45 minutes

 Looking for a psychic session that covers various topics like love, career, finance, future, and past lives? An in-depth psychic session can provide you with clarity and empowerment in all areas of your life.  From career to love to finance to discovering insight about yourself and your spiritual path or gaining knowledge about past lives to help you piece together those confusing spiritual experiences. 

  To maximize your experience, we suggest bringing a journal or recording device to take notes. Book your session now and get ready to unleash your full potential and discover your true authentic self.

psychic reading

Spiritual Path Insight and Guidance Psychic Session
To gain Clarity in your experiences 
1 hour & 30 min

 A spiritual awakening is a life long journey into who we are as a human being and how we relate to the world and the cosmos around us.  These sessions are made for you to get clarity on the experiences you have and to help you gain a deeper meaning of what spirit is trying to show you through the mundane world and the spiritual world.  I will converse directly with your guides and angels to help you access this knowledge to help you move forward on your journey of greater spiritual development understanding.

 Come to your session with a journal or a device to record your session with so that you refer back to it as needed.  Events and experiences that are seen in the reading tend to have a deeper meaning after the reading ends.  This is spirits way or teaching and guiding your forward.

psychic reading

Soul Path In-Depth Psychic Session
Gain the truth of who you are and the gifts you have to offer the world
1 hour & 30min


  A lot of clients come to me feeling stuck in career or school decisions and are not sure what they are meant to do.  In this soul path psychic session we will uncover your true essence and your most authentic self and what your are truly meant to be and do.  This will help you to know which roads you should take next in your life for best alignment for you and the message you bring to the world with your gifts.  
  Please come to the reading with either a journal or be prepared to record on your phone so that you can refer to it again at a later date and refresh what you had discovered.  Oftentimes the reading continues to unfold long after the session is done.

tarot class

 In-depth Love And Family Psychic Session
Lets break down the illusions and get to the truth of your situation and help you find clear answers to move your forward
1 hour & 30 min

 Our relationships are the most important things to us and when there are challenges that we find are almost impossible its hard for us to know if we should stay or go.  In this virtual love and family psychic session we will uncover the underlying truths of the relationship with each party whether it is a love relationship or a family member and find solutions. You will receive detailed and in-depth guidance to help you feel empowered and at peace knowing how to move forward.
Come prepared to your session with a journal or recording device so that you can document your session and refer back to it at a later date as the session details unfold into the future.

What The Community Says:

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In-Person Psychic Readings

Psychic Session

Soul Path In-depth Detailed Psychic Session
1 hour & 30 Min

  In this soul path psychic session we will uncover the most authentic path you should take in your life for your soul’s best outcome.  We will explore what makes your soul tick and help you decide how you should move forward. Most people when they come to me and ask what am I meant to do, we discover their soul self and that reflects what they are meant to do for career and the schooling they are supposed to put in place to achieve their true potential and gifts in this world.

 Please come to the reading with either a journal or be prepared to record on your phone so that you can refer to it again at a later date and refresh what you had discovered.  Often times the reading continues to unfold long after the session is done.

Psychic Session

In-depth Detailed Psychic Session
Help yourself to gain access to what you need to know in your life's situation to help you move forward in confidence.

1 hour & 30 min

 Need to see me in-person and not comfy with a virtual reading? Come sit with me live then for your psychic session. We will work together to find the answers and gain the insight you need to know about any situation in life that throws you for a loop my love!

  Come to your session with a journal and or feel free to record your session on your phone so that you can refer back to it at a later date as events transpire.

love psychic reading

Detailed Love Guidance Psychic Reading
30 minutes

  We all need love and it's difficult when our relationships get tangled.  We all have those times where our relationships are at a make it or break it point and we need to know the deeper underlying issues and what we need to do in order to move forward.  In this reading we will uncover the truths of each parties view and find the common threads to help you both move forward or perhaps move on.  You will come away with detailed strategies to help you make a sound decision for the both of you and to help you feel at peace and at ease knowing your guides and angels have your back. 

  Please come to each session with journal or other recording devise to record your session.  You will want to refer back to it as the reading with continue to unfold well after the session is over and the info will help you later. 

In-Depth Detailed Psychic Reading Session
Important information received straight from source about your life that you most need to know
Unlimited Topics
45 minutes

 In this detailed 45 minute session you gain clarity in any area of your life that you need guidance on.  Whether it’s love, career, finance, or a life situation, this virtual session from the comfy spot in your home will help you gain clarity and empowerment, guiding you towards a brighter path and helping you gain peace.

  Come to the reading with a journal or recoding device so that you can refer to your read int he future as things unfold.

Psychic Reader For Parties And Events
Starting rate:

  Let me come spice up your party or event!  We have so much fun finding out what's next and get a little serious too if sticky situations come up you need to now.  You will come away with a fantastic vibe and great sense of empowerment!      Each event is pre-paid for host and guests in one lump sum. So you pay same amount for any many guests who show.  Each read is about 4-10 min. The more guests dictate how long a reading will be. Less guests will up the time of the reading.  Maximum time with small guest list is 10 min each reading.


Beginner Tarot Class
Grow your knowledge in the Tarot
and Pump Up Your Natural Psychic Abilities 

Unlimited virtual or in-person Classes
2 hour class

 I hear from so many how they have a Tarot deck they dabble in and try to learn but find it overwhelming. Well, guess what?!  It's easier than you think!  You just need to find the twist to your psychic abilities and intuition to unlock to cards and what they mean. These Tarot coaching classes, available virtually or in person, consist of 2-hour sessions that will teach you how to read your Tarot cards and interpret their meanings and in turn help develop your psychic gifts. Each class is taught at your level and your pace.  You may set up a weekly 2 hour session for as long as you need or just take a refresher course as needed to brush up on your skills.


The Juicy Stuff You'll Learn:

  • Read one on one with me and gain confidence in your reading abilities while developing your psychic gifts.

  • Become familiar with the cards and their historical, traditional and intuitive symbols, suits and definitions and learn some easy and more complicated spreads to practice your Tarot skills with. YAASSSS!

  • Familiarize yourself with how to properly set up sacred space for a reading and end a reading using prayer and intention.

  • Develop your psychic abilities using the Tarot that will transfer into daily life and other chosen methods of divination.

  Materials to bring to each class: A journal and a deck you are comfortable to read with. If you are not sure of the type of deck to use, any of the Rider Waite decks or Rider Waite alternatives are perfect for beginning and novice readers alike.


  After each session you will be given homework to help you further develop your reading skills and become comfortable and proficient in using this amazing tool for self growth and clarity. 

psychic session

Tarot Fine Tuning Class
Unlimited virtual or in-person  One on One classes To help You Solidify Your Tarot Skills
1 Hour

  So one day I had a client say to me, "Kristin, I cant afford a two hour class but I still need help one on one with my Tarot to feel more confidant and I also want to learn more spreads." This client helped me to develop this class for you, Tarot warrior! These classes are designed for those already working with the Tarot and need to fine-tune their skills or would like to further learn more spreads and ways to work with the Tarot.  In each class, I will help you grow your skills further and further hone you psychic abilities and personal rituals using the Tarot as your tool for clarity and growth. This is an ala carte class in the fact that you get to choose what you'd like to learn.  More spreads? Great!  further develop your skills as a reader? Perfect! Need to hone that sacred space and ritual with your Tarot? Also just right!  You get one on one detailed instruction from me with 30 years experience.  Invaluable!  I will contact you via text or phone after purchase to set up the details of what you'd like to get out of your class. These classes are either virtual or in-person.

  Materials to bring to class: Journal and the special Tarot deck you work with.

candle magic class

Candle Magic Workshop
Learn the secrets to manifesting what you need in your life through this simple and sacred practice
2 hours
In-person and virtual


  Ohhhh working with fire is my favorite way to manifest! The soothing and healing smell of those herbs, roots and oils sprinkled and rubbed generously on an inscribed prayed over candle get me every time!  When I light the flame, honor my guides, guardians, ancestors and angels by lifting my petition to the universe I feel that alignment and it is sooo perfect! I have had the pleasure of witnessing soo many beautiful results from clients who have received what they asked for and changed their lives for the better. In addition to all this I have the honor and LOVE of teaching it to you and helping you to create your own sacred candle rituals and watch you grow in your practice as you learn and work the flame. It's invaluable to have a one on one teacher, and I wish I did when I was learning to help me dive deep and truly experience the power of manifesting.  So come learn with me and let me help you grow your path in the magic and mystery of an old fashioned candle working. You'll Learn the secrets of folk magic and manifestation techniques.  As a skilled and experienced practitioner, I will guide you through each step of the process, making this workshop suitable for all skill levels.

  All materials provided for in-person workshops.  Each participant will create their candle with me and take home for further working and manifesting.  
  Materials provided to each participant:
ceramic candle dish
colored spell candle
petition parchment paper

all other tools necessary to create your spell 

Psychic Session

Lenormand Beginner  Classes
Unlimited virtual or in-person classes

2 hours


  I love this sassy and direct Lenormand deck!  Its concise and quick answers provide quick clarity. This is an introduction class to this everyday, divination tool.  A deck created by Mlle Lenormand and based of a board game titled The Game Of Hope. You will learn the basics and your first spreads to start your readings right away in no time. These are unlimited classes so you can come for the first time and get an intro to the cards and start reading right away or you can come to get some help or hone your craft with already learned skills.

You will Learn:

  • Read with me one on one to help you gain confidence.

  • Become Familiar with the meanings of the cards and how to put together card combinations and spreads.

  • Simple and effective spreads to use everyday


Jane Poeschel, TX

Kirsten is a joy to work with. She is able to pick up the issues even before she starts reading the cards. Her intuition hones in on my topics of concern. She is very patient and explains what is being shown to her in a way I understand. Kirsten also just doesn't leave you hanging she can provide excellent counsel and advice. Give her the opportunity to work with you you won't be disappointed.

Community Experiences

Amy White, TX

I’ve been working with Kristin for over a year now. Her readings are accurate and give me the guidance I have needed when navigating complex and challenging situations. I always feel lighter after my sessions. We had some odd energy at our house and her house blessing helped everything settle out. The energy feels much cleaner now. 💖

Susan. TX

Kristin’s readings have always been extremely accurate. She goes beyond the surface and revels the deep issues within oneself or a situation. Kristin’s insights and advice over the years have helped me to understand and greatly improve my life. She is always quick to reply and her fees are very reasonable.


Historic Downtown
McKinney, Tx

Tel: 972-800-0152

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